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Here is what small businesses and employees have to say about Simply Good Law!

"Simply Good Law provided comprehensive and detailed legal service for my small business. Because I was not familiar with what legal filings were needed for an LLC, they were patient in their advice and explanations. They helped me assess and correct my state business filing as well as amendments to my business efficiently. Consultations were thorough and communication was always timely and convenient." 

SH Tools, LLC

"I was looking for a lawyer to help me finalize the formation of my new business, specifically the operations agreement and for general legal advice, and to confirm whether I have followed all the necessary steps in setting up my LLC. 


I chose Attorney Jennie Tannenbaum at Simply Good Law because she immediately understood what I needed from our first email and our first telephone conversation.


I searched her firm’s website and realized that she was providing the services that I needed, and it was very straightforward. I felt that she understood me and my business model, and suggested what I will need from this point on.  


She was exactly right. She did not overstate what I needed. The process was easy and transparent. Her fees were clear, straightforward, and what I consider to be reasonable.   She was responsive and prompt. As a paralegal, she reminded me of a few great lawyers I have worked for in the past, so I had a major appreciation for her and how she works.


Attorney Tannenbaum drafted the operating agreement for my business. She took the time to go over my business and confirmed that I did everything correctly so far. She suggested what I needed and nothing I did not. She even tried to save me money by suggesting some steps to establish business credit, which is a big deal for a new company.


She also helped me draft our standard services contract, which will be used repeatedly for the business. This truly a great value because my services are on a contract basis, and I will need this form for almost every client.  


If you need an attorney to help you form your business or advise on certain necessary parts, I highly recommend Simply Good Law. Attorney Tannenbaum is very pleasant to work with. She takes the time to do her research before even speaking to you.


I plan to use Simply Good Law in the future and highly recommend this firm to others."

Quintessential Pillar Paralegal Consulting, LLC

“I contacted Jennie, when I was looking for a lawyer to make sure that my business is in compliance when I formed the LLC for my practice.  I trusted Jennie’s professional opinions as well as her knowledge and experience in Corporate and Labor Laws.  Legal assistance is one of the key costs of running a business and it usually helps saving money in the long run, as a result, a good lawyer like Jennie can help you tackle legal corporate issues.

Jennie did research and reviewed my MA state filings to ensure that my business was in compliance. 

I also approached Jennie when one of my clients was in default of a payment that was due to my business.  Jennie gave me detailed and excellent advice. She highlighted the pros and cons for sending my client a collection letter.  She also advised me about an alternative procedure which includes filling with the small claim court. I acknowledged her excellent and professional analysis of the situation and ultimately made my decision in handling the issue.

Entrepreneurs constantly have concerns when they start running a business and often these concerns are legal ones.  They need a lawyer like Jennie who will give them honest opinions and who will help navigate the journey of running their business.  Jennie is very reasonable with the fee she charged. I highly recommend Jennie to any of my clients who may need a professional and knowledgeable lawyer.”

Tang & Company, LLC

"I am so happy to have found Attorney Tannenbaum after being told my religious exemption was denied by my nursing agency.  I was told that I could no longer work if I did not receive the mandated booster, regardless of my religion.  I contacted Attorney Tannenbaum and she responded right away.  She was so kind and sympathetic to my situation and reassured me that she would do everything she could to help me keep my job and get my religious exemption approved.

She contacted my nursing agency reminding them of my rights and the law.  Within a couple of weeks I received notice that my religious exemption was approved.  I couldn't be happier with the outcome!  Without her expertise and knowledge of the law, I would be out of a job today.

If you are experiencing similar work related issues or facing job loss because of a denied religious exemption, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Attorney Tannenbaum."

Kelly G.

"Our initial intention was to obtain counsel on how to correctly navigate handling a potential issue with a current employee.  When Simply Good Law was recommended by our current construction attorney, while confident in the recommendation, we couldn't possibly have known how fruitful the relationship would become.  Not only did Jennie quickly provide sound advice for handling our situation but subsequently worked with me to develop a new employee handbook.

Jennie and Simply Good Law are easy to work with and had a genuine interest in getting to know our company and understanding its needs. We were able to establish an instant rapport and would recommend Jennie and her firm with confidence."

Bass Construction Inc.

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