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How Marriage Impacts the Workplace

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Curious to know why marriage can impact the workplace then continue to read. No interest then just scroll past this. The current administration’s Respect for Marriage Act has a direct effect on employees in the workplace.

The Respect for Marriage Act signed earlier this month prohibits employers from treating same sex and opposite sex married employees differently.

For example, if an employer offers either health benefits, insurance or retirement plans to married employees, it must be offered to all married employees regardless if they are of the same sex married employees or if they are of the opposite sex married employees. The employer has an affirmative duty under the act to treat all legal marriages the same except polygamous ones because they are illegal.

The bottom line is if an employer offers something of value to married employees it must be offered to all married employees regardless if they are same or opposite sex married employees. To do otherwise, is likely to invite a lawsuit to the employer’s door.

This is how marriage has a direct impact on married employees in the workplace now you know, because you continued to read rather than continued to scroll.

For the full text of the Respect for Marriage Act, click on this link.

PC: Denny Muller

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